Mitch Baitey [b8y] is a cross‑disciplinary creative & graphic designer based in London, UK.


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The Netflix Remix

Year: 2022
Where: Media.Monks
Client: Netflix
Role: Creative & Art Direction
Awards: Cannes Lion 2022 Nominee

Netflix turns the entertainment industry upside down, starting with Stranger Things.

Removing limitations and content creation boundaries; Netflix launches a platform that gives users rights-free access to the Stranger Things catalogue. Empowering fans to remix the narrative, creating endless new storylines and paths for Eleven and her friends whilst blurring the lines between genres.

Using the new N-Remix pillar of the platform, Netflix reinvents not only how titles are launched but also how they’re consumed; pushing change throughout the whole entertainment industry with a monumental statement on access and rights.

A platform where Neflix goes open-source and the only limitations of the appeal to Stranger Things, are the imaginations of the current and future fanbase.