Mitch Baitey [b8y] is a cross‑disciplinary creative & graphic designer based in London, UK.


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M&S Fit

Year: 2016
Where: Mellor&Smith
Client: Marks and Spencer
Role: Creative, Concept, Branding & UX Design

A large problem for the fashion industry is the high return rate due to clothes not fitting correctly, producing unneeded waste and cost.

Marks & Spencer were after a simple, easy to use and fashion forward branding message for dressing customers according to their body shape.

The norm was to categorise the customer into a generic body shape, turns out people don’t like to be called an apple, pear, hourglass or even a banana.

With the M&S Fit app, customers are not categorised or measured. Three boxes are used to build their personal shape, where then tips and suggestions are displayed.