Mitch Baitey [b8y] is a cross‑disciplinary creative & graphic designer based in London, UK.


︎ @mb8y


Year: 2021 - Now
Where: Media.Monks
Client: MINI
Role: Creative & Art Direction, Animation, Print Design, Digital Design, Video Editor

For the past two years I have crafted engaging content, ranging from social media campaigns to dynamic digital and print assets. Covering creative from ideation through to production.

Witnessing MINI UK's remarkable social growth, now the largest in EMEA. Plus becoming a trusted brand guardian for MINI across EMEA, I've played a pivotal role in launching new vehicle lineups and refreshing brand aesthetics.

Meta Lens

Year: 2023
Where: Media.Monks
Client: Meta
Role: Creative & Art Direction
Awards: Silver Cannes Lion 2023 Winner 🎉

The Brief: VR for Good, how a headset can change minds and transform lives.

Details are under embargo until April 2024.

Please contact me for access.


Year: 2019 - 2021
Where: Be Grizzlee (Media Arts Lab)
Client: Apple
Role: Animation, Adaptation, Design, Editing, GFX Post Production, Motion Operator, Typesetting

From localising copy to creative editing, I had the privilege of working across a lot of Apple’s video output for EMEA. 

From July 2019 to December 2021, it is likely that any video advertisement from Apple across Europe and beyond; I had typeset/animated the GFX you have seen.

The Netflix Remix

Year: 2022
Where: Media.Monks
Client: Netflix
Role: Creative & Art Direction
Awards: Cannes Lion 2022 Nominee

Netflix turns the entertainment industry upside down, starting with Stranger Things.

Removing limitations and content creation boundaries; Netflix launches a platform that gives users rights-free access to the Stranger Things catalogue. Empowering fans to remix the narrative, creating endless new storylines and paths for Eleven and her friends whilst blurring the lines between genres.

Using the new N-Remix pillar of the platform, Netflix reinvents not only how titles are launched but also how they’re consumed; pushing change throughout the whole entertainment industry with a monumental statement on access and rights.

A platform where Neflix goes open-source and the only limitations of the appeal to Stranger Things, are the imaginations of the current and future fanbase.


Year: 2023
Where: Media.Monks
Client: BMW
Role: Creative & Art Direction, Animation, Branding Design

A collaboration between BMW and the British Film Institute aimed to promote innovation and creativity in the UK film industry.

The focus was on the launch of the BMW i7, an all-electric vehicle featuring an ultra-wide 32:9 theatre screen, which served as the brand device bridging the partnerhsip between BMW and BFI.

This unique screen shape symbolized the fusion of automotive and cinematic innovation, unifying the collaborative efforts of both entities.

The BMW Filmmaking Challenge invited filmmakers to create short films under the theme of 'Evolving Perspectives,' with the winning film showcased at the BFI London Film Festival, highlighting the intersection of technology and art.