Mitch Baitey [b8y] is a cross‑disciplinary graphic designer based in London, UK.


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Coca-Cola Signature Mixers

Year: 2019
Where: Exposure
Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Role: Visual Design, Design Direction, Art Direction, Print Production, Artworking, Brand Development

For the first time in 134 years, Coca‑Cola has given access to its secret recipe, teaming up some of the world’s leading bartenders, to enhance the formula with signature expertise.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers

To launch the new product line, a toolkit of promotional assets were produced, with a look & feel to seperate it from the traditional Coca‑Cola brand.

Good Nugget

Year: 2020
Where: Freelance
Client: Good Nugget
Role: Visual Design, Animation, Edit

To launch the brand, Good Nugget wanted to encompass their positive values/narrative into a concise, snappy and attention-holding short film.

This also included producing a video that can be used across multiple forms of digital/social media.


Year: 2018
Where: Exposure
Client: Havaianas
Role: Visual Design, Art Direction, Print Production, Artworking

Havaianas came to Exposure wanting to re‑establish the brand as a summer essential across Europe using a seeding kit destined for influencers hands.

To launch the #LetsSummer campaign we packaged the product in a designed experience with gifts to help the recipients’ summer adventures.


Year: 2021
Where: Be Grizzlee
Client: Abdou & Akwasi
Role: Visual Design, Animation, Edit, Type Setting, Audio Mixing

LOCK OFF is a short action crime drama in which a police raid proves ill-conceived.

For the credits, the original storyboards were recreated and used to feature alongside the figureheads of the production giving an extra flare to the end the film. Leading into the impressive cast list, working with the track to make sure all the beats were hit.

This was in addition to a handful of background VFX assets used in shots throughout the film.


Year: 2015
Where: Manchester School of Art
Client: Transport for London
Role: Visual Design, Branding, Art Direction

Concept for an Oyster rebrand, off the back of TfL’s future intentions for their ticket system.

The oyster card is being phased out for a quicker service. For quicker communication, names were abbreviated.