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Design Thinking

Workshop with
Ian Anderson
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"Something I would like to Keep"

In 2013 Ian Anderson came to the Manchester School of Art with an opportunity to take part in his acclaimed Design Thinking™Workshop.

To get on, the brief was simple:
"Make me something I would like to keep"

Turns out Mr. Anderson moved to Sheffield it's music scene in the 80s, he often had expressed his love for The Human League.

So I went ahead and produced a custom vinyl zoetrope of The Human League's Don't You Wan't Me, inspired by Bonobo's Cirrus Vinyl.


Brief 1

"Document something pointless for 1 hour"

For 1 straight hour I read through as many decimal points of Pi as I could: 16638 points to be exact.

No benefit whatsoever knowing the capacity of which I could count Pi: Pointless

I remember nothing, all the points became a blur over the course of an hour: Pointless

Brief 2

"Tell a story using the words 'You' & 'Me' " 

Organ Donation

"Recreate that story using a square, a circle and a square"

Brief 3

"Christianity needs a new symbol to replace the crucifer"